Many services are down in Cpanel

First login as 'root' to your server via SSH. Once you have logged in run the following commands.

cd /scripts
./upcp --force

This will take anywhere from 10 mins to 30 mins depending on the speed of your server and the load it is under. Once it has completed login to your WHM and restart each service that appears to be down. They should turn from Red to Green within 10 mins of your restart.

If you still show them first verify they are not running and being falsely shown as down by running the following command.

as 'root' in ssh.

ps -auxwww | grep bind

This would check for the bind application to be running and show its current running status.

Also, ensure that the WHM service status page is updated by restarting chkservd:

/etc/init.d/chkservd start

Chkservd is a cPanel-only "service" that runs periodically to check if services are running. This means that the Service Status page in WHM is ***NOT ALWAYS 100% ACCURATE*** ! You should always restart chkservd first if you have a customer asking about services showing down in WHM, to be sure that those services are actually down.
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